Stockholm Higher Education

There are 4 universities in the area. Although they are not located in Stockholm, they are within a 15 or 30 minute drive.

The State University of New York (SUNY) at Potsdam is the oldest institution within SUNY, and is one America's first 50 colleges, tracing its roots back to the St. Lawrence Academy, founded in 1816. SUNY Potsdam's key programs include teacher education (which goes back to 1867) and The Crane School of Music (formally established in 1886), all based on the College's rigorous liberal arts and sciences core. The Crane School holds regular student and faculty recitals, as well as bringing a variety of talented (and often well known) musicians to the North Country. Noteworthy are the dining services, which has committed to purchasing as much locally grown food as it can, and was voted the best food provider within SUNY's comprehensive colleges by students. SUNY Potsdam enrolls about 4,350 undergraduate and graduate students and employs 860 faculty and staff members.

Clarkson University in Potsdam was established in 1896 and is well known for its engineering and business programs. Its health sciences program recently expanded from a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and now also offers a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies. It also has degrees in science, liberal arts and environmental studies. There are about 3,100 undergraduate students, 500 graduate students and 270 faculty.

St. Lawrence University is a private liberal arts college in Canton. Originally established in 1856 as a Universalist seminary, the seminary itself closed in 1965 (with the merger of Universalism with the Unitarians). The “preparatory program” (designed to prepare students for the seminary) evolved into the current liberal arts university of today. It is a true liberal arts college with broad strength across the academic spectrum. If there is an emphasis, it’s on international studies with a particular strength in Canadian studies (Ottawa being an hour and a half’s drive away). Recently St. Lawrence has made a notable commitment to the community outside the university investing several million dollars in restoring some buildings and building several energy efficient homes to lure alumni back to area to help the economy. They also have recently built the Johnson Hall of Science to the LEED gold standard, as of this writing (2012), the only one in New York State. There are about 2,300 undergraduate students, 100 graduate students and 180 full time and 50 part time faculty.

The State University of New York (SUNY) at Canton, originally established in 1906 as the School of Agriculture and part of St. Lawrence University, in 1941 it was the first postsecondary two year college in New York authorized by the Legislature, becoming part of the SUNY system in 1948. In 1997, it started offering four year degree programs and has been growing ever since. Unlike its parent, St. Lawrence, SUNY Canton focuses on engineering related programs (construction, automotive, electrical, mechanical, etc.), business, health sciences and criminal justice. There are 116 full-time and 89 part-time faculty members at the College. The student to faculty ratio is 22 to 1. There are approximately 3,800 students enrolled at the College.