Stockholm Health & Wellness

Thanks to Bill Shumway and North Country This Week for this directory of Health Services.



  • HOSPICE AND PALLIATIVE CARE OF ST. LAWRENCE VALLEY, 6805 U.S. Hwy 11, Potsdam; volunteer services and certified hospice care for terminally ill patients, 265-3105,

  • RICHARD E. WINTER CANCER TREATMENT CENTER, 5 Lyon Place, Ogdensburg, 393-2314.

  • AFTER HOURS HEALTH CARE, 80 E. Main St., Canton, Monday - Friday: 4 – 9 p.m.; 
Saturday: 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.;
Sunday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.; 386-3300, operated by Canton-Potsdam Hospital.

  • CANTON-POTSDAM HOSPITAL HEALTH CLINICS, 190 Main St., Potsdam, 265-9271; 12 Elm St., Potsdam, 265-0745; 899 NYS Hwy. 11C, Winthrop, 389-5181; 35 W. Main St., Norfolk, 384-4881.

  • CLAXTON-HEPBURN MEDICAL CENTER HEALTH CLINICS, 39 W. Main St., Canton, 379-4700; 16 Church St., Madrid, 322-8947.

  • MASSENA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL HEALTH CLINICS, 42 W. Main St., Norfolk, 384-4550, and 3 Cudlipp Dr., Brasher Falls, 389-4525.

  • NORTH COUNTRY VETERANS CLINIC, third floor of Massena Memorial Hospital, 1 Hospital Dr., Massena, 764-4253,

  • ST. LAWRENCE COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH DEPT., 80 State Highway 310, Canton, 386-2325, new county office building,

  • LIFELINE PROGRAM, of Canton-Potsdam Hospital, personal, emergency response system linking persons in need in their homes to a hospital-based response center. Help summoned with push of a button. Info: 261-5264.

  • AIDS COMMUNITY RESOURCES, INC., 101 Main St., third floor, Canton,, programming & support services for St. Lawrence County residents. 386-4493.

  • NORTH COUNTRY CENTER FOR YOGA AND HEALTH, 205 State Street Rd., Canton, classes, workshops and instruction, DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES, Medicaid, 379-2111,

  • PLANNED PARENTHOOD OF THE NORTH COUNTRY,, birth control services by appointment, health screening, contraceptive supplies, lab work, education, medical exams, fees based on income, counseling for family planning, problem pregnancies, abortion, infertility, sterilization, sexually transmitted diseases/VD center, education materials on birth control and sex education for individuals and groups, Noble Center, 9 Miner St., Canton, 386-8821.

  • NORTH COUNTRY CHILDREN’S CLINIC (Well Child Clinic), free physical and child developmental screening and family services to children one month to five years old, immunizations, lab work, hearing and vision testing, 386-8128, renewal house, for victims of family violence, 3 Chapel St., Canton, 379-9845,

  • MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES OF ST. LAWRENCE COUNTY, 80 State Highway 310, Canton (county office building), provides individual, group and/or family evaluations and counseling services for all age groups, 386-2048,


  • SALVATION ARMY, family and individual counseling, 170 Highland Rd., Massena, 769-2547 and 401 Franklin St., Ogdensburg, 393-3351. st. lawrence health initiative, 6439 NYS Hwy. 56, Potsdam, health, fitness and wellness info,


  • ALCOHOL PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS, nationally recognized site from SUNY Potsdam,

  • CAREGIVERS, home health care service provider, 19 Hodskin St., Canton, 379-1445,

  • ST. LAWRENCE HEALTH ALLIANCE, 3 Lyon Place, Ogdensburg,394-7542,

  • UNITED HELPERS, operators of nursing homes and independent retirement communities for senior citizens and the disabled throughout much of St. Lawrence County, headquartered at 723 Ford St., Ogdensburg, 393-3083,